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We aim to be part of the intricate system of gears that keep your professional organization ticking.

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Just as every gear in a clock is vital for its unfailing consistency, so are the services that we provide for your company. We are here to help your establishment run smoothly - no surprises; no headaches; just sheer satisfaction from knowing that each and every grain within our service is precisely on point with your professional system. MCS delivers Contracting Services in Commercial Cleaning, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Renovation that represents professionalism and quality. With our years of experience and uniquely tailored around-the-clock service, we know how to work efficiently with no inconvenience towards you. We stand firmly behind our Quality Guarantee because MCS Team Members conduct all of our professional services, where no contracted jobs are outsourced to third parties. The fuel that drives MCS is the gratifying smile you get when you see results that surpass your expectations. The strength of your system combined with the strength of ours will make one heck of a team!

Choose Simple

Why deal with multiple companies to handle your contracting services? It’s both stressful and inefficient. For example, you do a renovation with one company, call another company to handle your plumbing work, and, yet again, call another company to come clean up the post-mess to get your establishment looking pristine. We are here to provide a simple solution for your contracting service needs that will ultimately add ease to your professional system. With MCS you will have ONE consistent quality of service, ONE team of dedicated and diligent staff, ONE service invoice, and ONE private online account to access invoices, make requests, and manage jobs. Most importantly, you will have only ONE contracting company to deal with. How simple does that sound?

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Janitorial & Commercial Services Toronto

Every business space is considered a top priority, and you must feel confident that your office space is secure and uncompromised. MCS Contractors provides a robust suite of custom janitorial services Toronto, including post-construction cleaning, commercial maintenance, and private clean-ups in residential locations. Our experts are keen on cleaning the office's entryway to the exit to make your business look its best. Your office may span several floors or be more than 1,000 square feet. All you need is a dependable cleaning company that tailors its services to meet your needs. We also provide monthly deep cleanings for your office, making even the tightest corners spotless. We're the perfect dust busters. Housekeeping creates a pleasant atmosphere in residences and offices. Plus, carpet cleaning is extraordinary with MCS Contractors. Our seasoned professionals are well-trained and certified in building maintenance and home upkeep, and they assure customer satisfaction. We strive to clean with integrity and have attained a good reputation for first-rate building maintenance. We are insured and bonded and mesmerize customers with our superior work ethics. Our high-quality service delights homeowners. If you want to bring your messy home back to life and into pristine condition, reach out!


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