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Building Maintenance Toronto

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We serve as your go-to person for any issues pertaining to the routine maintenance required to keep your building operating effectively and dependably.

building maintenance toronto

Our approach to building management

Get your entire building running smoothly with our crew who can keep an eye on your building by combining their maintenance service with our regular janitorial cleaning services. It also enables us to create a cleaning and maintenance schedule that is customized to your property's unique features. This can involve routine filter replacements, fundamental building upkeep, and the planning of particular cleaning jobs. When necessary, we may coordinate a regular maintenance schedule with your existing HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical contractors.

Flooring & Carpeting

Regular care is necessary to maintain the beauty and lifespan of carpets and floors. High traffic areas often cause floors to become damaged and carpets to deteriorate. Our service technicians are skilled at seeing a problem as it arises and offering solutions. This could entail unique techniques like bonnet cleaning carpet or stripping and re-waxing tile floors.

Removal of water

Flooding from clogged floor drains, leaking roofs, bad weather, and broken pipes can leave behind a lot of water in a short period of time. Fortunately, we have high-quality equipment and qualified personnel to get rid of every last bit of unwelcome water. To make sure the issue doesn't arise again, we can work in tandem with other maintenance initiatives if necessary.

HVAC and elevator mechanical service

Trust our MCS who has the trained personnel and tools necessary to tackle any issues that may arise with a mechanical system in your building. This comprises:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Cooling towers and condensers
  • Air distribution systems
  • Pump and fluid handling systems
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Burner retrofitting and replacement


The lifeblood of contemporary structures is reliable electric service. Your regular business operations may become completely unusable if an electrical system malfunctions. Even fire hazards or code violations might result from some electric issues. Fortunately, MCS employs expertly qualified electrical specialists who are skilled in identifying and fixing electrical issues. If we discover any areas that need to be upgraded in order to bring your building into compliance with applicable laws.

Post construction cleaning

If required, our committed account manager may coordinate the cleaning service with the contractors to guarantee that everything is done to your requirements within the allocated time frame. This consists of a preliminary rough clean, a prep clean, and a finishing clean. Our objective is to ensure that you or a future tenant can enjoy a spotlessly organized space.


Plumbing problems? Chill out. Plumbing professionals with professional training and experience from MCS can tackle any issue, no matter how big. If necessary, we can also examine your plumbing to find potential trouble spots or aging parts that could need to be replaced.

A 24-hour emergency service
Get our round-the-clock emergency services for your business buildings.

Building Maintenance Company in Toronto

Are you looking to maintain your Condominium building in Toronto?

A beautiful condominium building can attract tenants and they’ll take pride in where they live. Likewise, commercial property can garner your customers’ attention to your business. The condition of your commercial property is how you represent your brand and how your business presents itself. MCS Contractors understands the challenges and exceptional needs of your building maintenance Toronto. We specialize in building maintenance and custom cleaning solutions for our customer’s at the most competitive prices.

What Do We Offer?

  • Best-in-class cleaning services.
  • Eco-friendly and toxic-free cleaning products.
  • Complete building maintenance.
  • Comply COVID sanitization and disinfection practices.
  • Dedicated and expert cleaning crews.
  • Proven green cleaning products and methods.

MCS Contractors adopt an eco-friendly way of cleaning commercial properties, condominium buildings, and individual properties. All of our products are chemical-free, toxic-free and harsh-free.