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Floor Cleaning Techniques to Help Your Home Shine

Choosing the right products

The first step is to clean the surface and learn what products to use. A range of mops, disinfectants, polishing solutions, and brooms are available. You must know what products are ideal for your flooring surface. Be it ceramic, laminate, or hardwood. Using vinyl clean-up solutions for hardwood surfaces leaves stains. Likewise, not all brooms or mops work the same. Brooms are used for ceramic tile surfaces with fine bristles to avoid scratching the surface.

Start by vacuuming and sweeping

One of the clean-up tips you find everywhere is to vacuum or sweep before you mop, as it will remove the sticky mess from your surface. It removes dust, dirt, and accumulated grime.

Get buckets of hot water and a cleaning agent

Once you remove the dust and dirt, it is time to mop! You must prepare buckets of hot water and mix the clean-up solution. Try home remedies like vinegar for wood surfaces and detergent for vinyl surfaces.

Scrub the surface

It is not required to wet your floors until they are waterlogged. Dip the mop into a bucket full of water and wring it out. Remove extra water so that the mop is not soaked but damp. Scrub the surface from one end to another using a mop or a straight line when using a sponge mop. If you encounter stubborn spills or stains, scrub by applying pressure.


You can polish the surface using a home remedy (lemon, white vinegar, and liquid soap) or a polishing product.

Let them dry

Dump the dirty water soon after mopping and wring out the mop. Wash the surface and allow it to dry for some time.

Surfaces can become dirty regardless of quality or material. But there are several methods and products at your disposal. This surface needs maintenance or special care. In some places, sweeping or vacuuming is enough. Floor cleaning services Toronto are required in some other cases. MCS Contractors presents six techniques to keep your home shining like never before.