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How is post-construction cleanup handled by professionals?

It may be exciting to build a new home or business. You would have got a ton of decorating concepts in mind and eagerly anticipate the outcome! Here are a few things you must do from time to time, so you must not ignore them. Housekeeping is the next phase of services you need to rely on. But they are a sizable chore that is best for janitorial specialists like MCS Contractors. Check out our janitorial services to learn more.

What is our first step?

After your home renovation, materials and leftovers cover your floor. These consist of sand, dust, the cement that is available solidified, adhesive, and paint forms. If the carpentry work happens, it leaves wood scraps. Our post-construction cleaning services Toronto takes the first step to clear these surplus materials and large amounts of debris to give you a freshly built, vacant living or working space.

A thorough cleaning

Dusting every surface and nook and cranny is the next step in cleaning. It necessitates repeated sweeping, vacuuming, and surface wiping. It can get rid of 90% of the dust and small particles. Before tackling the flooring, we might begin by cleaning the windows, doors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Our professionals use specialized equipment and products to avoid damaging surfaces.

Comprehensive clean up

Many things cover comprehensive cleanups. We completely clean and present the space at least thrice a month. It is due to the fine dust and debris that everyone has left behind. They are impossible to sweep or vacuum all at once. Our cleaners use tools like microfiber rags and neutral cleaners to ensure the floor’s quality won’t diminish. After this stage, your new house or workplace will be one step closer to being ready for decorating as per your choice.

Final touches

MCS contractors provide special attention to detail at this point, from window frames, doorknobs, and door handles to switchboards and fixtures and faucets. Kitchen cabinets and glass windows are other crucial elements we consider when applying the finishing touches. Lastly, we use a buffing machine to ensure that the ceiling is as spotless as your flooring.