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How To Clean After Home Renovations In 2022: The Best Tips And Guide

Home renovations can breathe new life into your space. It can modify your rooms to suit your needs or prepare your home for sale. But revamping an old house can be exciting and stressful at the same time.

Soon after your home remodelling or renovation, you get exposed to clutter, dust, and debris. Once the dust settles, it is time to hire post-construction cleaning services Toronto to clean up the mess. This kind of clean-up needs special equipment, time, and money. To make it simple, MCS Contractors have come up with some tips:

Keep the windows open

Fumes from dust and chemicals from building and sanding circulate in the air. Proper ventilation is the only key. The perfect way to get the smell and particles out of your space is to open the doors and windows. It creates airflow in the room, keeping the dust moving out, helping paint dry quicker, and removing the odour.

Sweeping the floors is necessary

The very next step to consider is to sweep. Because sweeping the floors is more important and there is more dust afterwards. Sweeping leaves dust particles to float into the air. The dust you removed from counters or tables is now on the surface. Sweep first and minimize the dust clouds in your space.

Dust all surfaces thoroughly

Renovating an old home led to wood and dust particles everywhere. Dusting can make your home appear squeaky clean, ensuring that no dust materials linger on the surface of your home. The best tool to use is a microfiber towel. Areas to keep in mind while dusting include window ledges, blinds, shelving units, door frame tops, tabletop surfaces, cupboards, and other surfaces.

Vacuuming and mopping the floors are essential

Vacuum your mats, carpets, and nooks to free them from dirt, debris, and dust. Slowly run the vacuum cleaner on the surfaces you clean.

Air vents need to be checked

Air vents are prone to be forgotten after post-construction clean-ups. These vents serve as a magnet for dust. They circulate dust in your home when it gets caked. Vacuuming the air vents and wiping the external gills prevents your air conditioning from getting clogged.