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How To Clean Wooden Floors?

The hardwood floors add beauty to the entire interiors of the property. Although normally ignored, if these floors are in shabby condition, it will impact the entire beauty of the place. And that’s why you need to keep the floors clean. So, let’s see how you can keep your wooden floors clean.

Tip 1: Sweep or Dry Mop Daily

The best way to keep your floors clean of sand, dust, and dirt is to sweep the floors daily. It also helps in putting away the fallen pet hair on the floor. You can either use a soft-bristled broom or dry mop to remove this dust.

Tip 2: Vacuum Weekly

Even though you are sweeping daily, you still need to deep vacuum everything weekly. While vacuuming, make sure to clean the areas under a chair, tables, beds, and any furniture lying in between. Also, check if any corners or spaces are left behind while vacuuming your floor.

Tip 3: Damp Mop the Area

Once in two weeks, also make sure that you mop the floors. Make sure that you use a hardwood floor cleaning spray solution for mopping. This makes sure that the floor won’t soak any water. Too much moisture can damage your wooden floors, so avoid using a soaking wet mop or usage of a steam mop.

Tip 4: Deep Clean Seasonally

It is important that you deep clean the wooden floors after every few months. This is when you should look to opt for floor cleaning services Toronto professionals. It is a complete cleaning process that includes moving furniture, rugs, or any other items on the floor.

Tip 5: Protect Them

When you call the professionals for the cleaning, also talk to them about the protection that you need to keep the wooden floors healthy for a long time. Apart from the professional methods, you can use doormats at all entrances. Also, trimming your pets’ nails can help to keep any scratches away. And finally, in case of any spills, make sure that you clean them off immediately.

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