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Post Construction Cleaning


Construction itself can be stressful; let alone the mess that follows job completions. The post-construction mess doesn’t have to be your stress. This is where we come in.

post construction cleaning services toronto

Post Construction Cleaning Services Toronto

This cleaning needs more work more time, and a lot of equipment and tools of post-construction cleaning. Break as many boulders and sand down as many drywalls. But just don’t do one thing: clean it all up. Leave that job for us to handle. With the only clean part about construction being the finished product itself, we understand that the construction process is far from being clean. There is a great deal of dust, dirt and debris accumulated from the construction process and we are anxiously waiting for your completion so that we may charge right in and polish up the venue. MCS Cleaners are experienced in the removal of dust and debris from your post-construction project. We practice safe measures to ensure that your hard work is not damaged in the process. Also, we utilize dry steaming equipment and filtration vacuums to get into every little crevice and contain the dust and debris while cleaning. We understand that deadlines are paramount in the Construction business, so we will design a distinct cleaning program in accordance with each job to ensure that you meet your completion deadlines.

Our workmanship and results are second to none with our above ground plumbing work backed by a One-Year Warranty.

In respects to new development systems, we understand that no two construction systems are identical; thus, our Plumbing Team works nearly with your contrivers to insure that all the conditions for your distinct systems are met.

Three phases of post construction cleaning Whether it’s new home construction or a renovation, you can’t sit back comfortably after completing your project. Because once a renovation project is done, it leaves a huge mess of dust and debris. These particulates can float in the air and stick to each corner of the new building making it look dull. It not only affects your indoor air quality but minimizes the value of your home. On top of all, there will be some unsafe leftover materials you need to worry about such as wires, glass, and nails. Hiring our professional post construction cleaning services can make all the difference and also provides peace of mind to you. Different cleaning agencies charge different amounts to their clients but MCS Contractors will strike a balance between your requirements and budget.

We divide our post construction service into three phases as below.

Rough cleaning

As the name proposes, it is the time to roughly pick up and clean the area, where the cleaners take off all the big chunkz which cannot be vacuumed. This phase of cleaning will start after the framing of electrical wires and plumbing works are done. When you hire MCS post construction cleaning services, our team visits and inspect the environment of your space before drawing a blueprint and starting their work accordingly.

Final cleaning

In this phase, our cleaners pay more attention to the baseboards, door frames, mirrors, sinks, cabinets, and toilets, and other installed items with all the necessary equipment. Our team of professional cleaners will clean the cabinets and baseboard in and out with the utmost care. Our cleaners use various modern equipment such as microfiber rags, and neutral cleaners to make sure the quality of your floor is not reduced.

Touch-up cleaning

This is the final touch and most important phase of our post construction cleaning to clean all the stains, smudges, and fingerprints, which are still there on your surface. Cleaning of the garage area, carpet vacuuming, and floor mopping will also come under this phase. Our MCS Construction post construction cleaning services will give a final touch to your space and reevaluate the entire space to make sure that a single corner is not missed out.

For post construction cleaning services including residential, commercial, custom-built homes, and condominiums space, call us to ensure that you get best-in-class services.

If you are interested in a detailed Post Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto list, or if there is a specific service you require that is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than delighted to satisfy your professional needs.

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