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The Right Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service

There is no point in hiring a full-time janitor. Since landlords prefer house upkeep for their unique requirements. Performance, quality, and value are the traits that a first-class clean-up company like MCS Contractors provides.

The cleaning services Toronto you choose must offer the highest quality of clean-ups done with caution and care to meet your needs and the value for money. Here are the right questions you can ask a housekeeping service at the initial consultation:

Do you have an insurance policy and a bond?

Small janitorial companies acquire job-specific insurance and bonds. It allows reimbursement for damaged, missing, or broken items that happened in the clean-up process. Large companies possess liability insurance which covers damages caused.

When was your company established?

It checks when your company got established and the competitiveness in the industry. In the long run, learn how the company has succeeded with smooth operations and has competitive testimonials, a portfolio, and a good reputation. The newly formed businesses can tread water in training workers, time management, and quality control. The newbies can’t be on par with your requirements.

Would you be able to provide me with at least three long-term references?

You must contact at least three businesses they previously worked. They must be related to your industry. Enquire them if the house upkeep they did provide quality service.

Are your workers subjected to background checks?

The background check includes criminal checks, employment references, drug testing policies, and verification of insurance numbers.

How will the actual clean-ups be done?

Inquire who will do the house upkeeps. Find out who will have keys in case something goes missing.

What is your complaint-handling policy?

The company must have an assurance for house owners to complain if ever needed. Learn how you can lodge a complaint.